CATCH Verticalizer

CATCH VerticalizerTraumatic, degenerative and post-operative states require efficient, economical, individual and home-use equipment. One of the most efficient physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices that enables upright standing of people with paresis of lower limbs and trunk are standing verticalizers.

Verticalizers are based on a simple idea that the sitting/lying position is not the position of the body for which man evolved; the physiologically desirable posture is the standing position. However, basic verticalizers do not guarantee medium- and long-term maintenance of attention and motivation of the user.

We attempted to solve this issue by creating an innovative prototype of a tilting verticalizer that serves as an experimental art/technology platform tailored for disabled individuals. We constructed an original tilting frame that has been equipped with various hardware and software components. The hardware part consists of a tilt sensor attached to the retaining portion of the device, LCD monitor mounted on the verticalizer and a computer.

The software part presents a wide combination of cognitive, gaming and therapeutic activities that create a link with the outside world, which is normally unreachable for the user. At present, several software modules combining art with ICT in the rehabilitation process have been developed. Some of them employ gamification, i.e. use of game principles in a non-game context in order to engage users. One of the modules, based on a computer game ArmA 2, enables the user to navigate through a beautiful and hyper realistic virtual landscape, one of the most elaborate in the world of gaming.

The final aim is to connect multiple devices via network, which will enable regular online consultations between a therapist and his/her group of users and also interaction among the users in the group. The possibility to compete with other members of the group in fulfilling tasks given by the therapist introduces yet another level of motivation for the users.

Developed in cooperation with AMBULATORIUM.

Public presentations


The video starts with a slideshow of photos taken during the showcase in Brno and then continues with Mr. Miloslav Klouda (Ambulatorium) explaining principles of the device (in Czech language with English subtitles) at the CATCH workshop in Prague.

This video features Andrej Boleslavsky, who modified computer game ArmA 2 for CATCH Verticalizer to enable the user to navigate through a beautiful and hyper realistic virtual landscape, one of the most elaborate in the world of gaming.

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